Looking for new contract

I’ve been looking through my sources for a new assignment and noticed something that I don’t get the point of.

Why do some ads specify ”2 years of experience” of this and that? What, magically happens at 2 years? I get that you want someone who’s written code for at least a couple of years but when it comes to frameworks, especially front end, what happens at 2 year?

Why would 2 years of experience with React be better than 6 months? I’m comparing with myself here and I’ve been coding for almost 20 years and if it took me 2 years to become ”good” at a framework that would have to be the most complicated framework ever written. And React isn’t.

I’ve worked with React (a couple of months not counting practicing at home), AngularJs (at least 6 months), Angular (a couple of months), Vue (a year), Knockout (2 months but really dug deep), Backbone (5 months). And if we go further back jQuery (is time important here? Really?), PrototypeJs, script.aculo.us and many more rarely used library’s and frameworks.

So why would I be disqualified from, for instance, React just because someone thought 2 years would be the limit?

It’s not the framework that is the issue, it’s HOW you think in code.

I could easily claim to have 4 years experience with Java, because I have, I would, however, never claim to be any good at it. I would fail a code test before I sat down.

When it comes to JS on the other hand, regardless of framework, I’d be a lot more confident.

Just wondering. It seems odd and arbitrary to me.